How to earn money from upstox

May 19, 2022 771 By parvez

      Earn Money With Upstox

Intro : Upstox is a very good platform for earning money and investing money . You can earn money after investing money on upstox.hey guys if you wanna earn money with upstox so you came right place if you will read all article then you can earn money easily with upstox.Now friends we will talk about how to earn money with upstox.

1. What is Upstox? How to earn money with upstox

Hello Friends, I hope you are healthy and fine today. We will talk about how to earn money from upstox  which is a very strong platform to earn money. Upstox is an online investment platform which helps people to invest money without any broker. You can buy shares on Upstox without any scare and risk.Example if you wanna buy shares of reliance,hdfc,bajaj,and another company shares . You can buy shares by upstox .

If you want to invest your money on upstox you will need a demat account in simple words . You will have to  make a Demat account which is free of cost . 

We have other platforms as well.Why should we invest money on upstox.

Upstox is a very good platform for trading because it is a trustworthy platform.Peoples believe in upstox that’s why we should invest in upstox.And you can transfer money very easily by UPI and direct transfer in a bank .Click here to make account on upstox

Guys do you know Who is the owner of upstox?

Who is the founder of upstox sri ravi kumar,sri vishwnath and co-founder of subramaniam kavita. Upstox head office at Mumbai india .Upstox was founded in 2009 by Ravi Kumar and Raghu kumar.

2. Documents Required to Open the Account

First of all click this(: and install upstox app in your mobile 

Then you will have to do online paperless work with your mobile .You will have to upload your document.

Now we will see required Documents 

*Address proof – Voter ID card , Adhaar card,Passport or Driving license.

*Identity proof –  Aadhar card ,pan card.

*Bank details – Account number of your bank account and IFSC code as well.
Note: Upload all documents carefully and if you are uploading aadhar card then upload that adhar which is linked with mobile because when you upload aadhar then OTP will come to that mobile number.

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3. How To Earn Money With Upstox Refer & Earn (No Investment)

Upstox give very good opportunity to everyone do refer and earn money you can earn money after refer if you will refer to your friend when your friend will sign up on upstox then referring money will come your upstox account .There is no investment in this field This is verified by SEBI  earn 1200 rupees in one successful refer.

How to make an account on upstox ?

1.Aadhar card 

2.Pan card 

3.Address proof latest 

4.Voter card 

5.Electricity bill

6.Signature scan

7.Bank account,cancel check.

How to verify documents on upstox ?

After install app in your mobile you will have to sign up in upstox .you will fill your name mobile number and address everything in upstox all thing your document enquery is very important you will have to fill all thing carefully then you will have to upload all Required document in upstox.

Aadhar card:First of all you should upload aadhar card in upstox fill aadhar number carefully because after saving aadhar number otp will come on mobile number which is linked with aadhar card. 

Pan Card: Pan card is essential  for making an account of upstox. Without a pan card you can not make an account in upstox. If you have a pan card then you will have to fill the pan number in an upstox account it will take only your pan number.

Address proof:You can upload any document for address as passport,aadhar card it will work in this column but it is important without filling this you will not be able to make an account in upstox.

Voter card:You will have to upload a voter card also because it is an important thing so you should upload a voter card as well.

Electricity bill: It is also vital because the upstox team will know about your address that’s why you will have to upload the current electricity bill. 

Signature : Signature is mandatory. You will have to upload a signature. You can upload signatures in a very easy way. You can upload signatures by scanner and other apps available in playstore. You can go there and install an app and upload your document in upstox.

Bank account or cancel check : It is only for your account knowledge uploading bank details you will be able to transact your money to your bank and you can add money in your upstox account that’s why fill bank account details .Doing all things your account is ready to invest online money.

Withdrawal Process

Lots of people face difficulty to withdraw money from upstox but it’s not a big deal you can withdraw money in simple way because there is many option to withdraw like UPI,Net banking,Debit card and paytm as well you can choose any option from these option and get your money in your bank.

New Investers Users:

New users face obstacles to use upstox to start with but this is very simple platform to use and invest your money now we will talk how to start this invest money first of all you will open upstox and put username and password login app then you will have to transfer some money to your upstox account from bank then  you will be able to invest your money in upstox .

How To Buy Stocks in Upstox

Stock buying is not a tough thing. It is very simple and very easy to buy stocks on upstox within one click.But you need a demat account to buy stock on upstox. you have made a demat account now  you can buy stocks easily, first of all you must invest some money on upstox because when you will start like

a beginner you will take time to understand all things so that’s why i’m investing some money.

.First of all, open the upstox app.

.check stocks like NIFTY,SENSEX,BAJAJ, Check watchlist tab.

Choose any share  which you want and you can search for other shares.

.search stocks put keywords.

.You can choose stocks quantity it’s up to you how much stocks you want to buy.

.Check your wallet balance if you did not add money in  your wallet then add money.

.After choosing stocks click the confirm button.

Now you will see your stocks in the portfolio tab.

Add Funds in Upstox

.Tap funds tab 

.Tap on the add funds option 

.Enter bank account and select amount money 

.Click continue and pay payment 

Add Bank account in upstox online 

.First of all,Tap on the profile icon to add an account.

.Choose my Bank account. 

.Scroll down and choose to add a bank account.

.Choose bank account type saving account or current account.

Choose your bank account number and that bank IFSC code as well.

.You can change account numbers easily by this same  method.

Close Upstox Account

Guys perhaps you don’t know about an upstox close account when you need to close your upstox account so can close account on upstox but first transfer your all amount in your bank account then you can close your account .It is very secret trick so if you wanna close your account then follow below steps.

.First of all login your upstox account.

.click name and profile option.

Now you will see the option view all. 

.choose close account option on the menu section.

.Request account closure. 

.Choose close your account and close account.

Upstox Customer Care Number

Lots of people face problems when they start investing on upstox so if you face any problem so you can contact of upstox customer center they will try to resolve your problem tell everything upstox help can e mail help team and call as well upstox help team.


Dear friends if you have more knowledge about upstox so you can tell me by comment .