How to sell on amazon

June 10, 2022 182 By parvez

As you know amazon is a huge marketplace nowadays amazon is an immense platform to sell products you can sell your product on amazon because this is trustworthy e-commerce.

Now we will talk about how to sell on amazon

For selling product on amazon first of all you need GST number which is vital for selling amazon second thing which is so much important for beginner how to do listing on amazon so don’t worry today i came to eradicate your all confusion further we’ll talk about listing and how to get too much traffic on amazon because when you start sell on amazon so you will face lots of obstacles in future if you will not read our blog complete you will miss to much knowledge thing because i told everything in this blog about amazon .There are 7 steps which will help you to grow your business on amazon.Do you know friends we are talking how to sell on amazon

1.Professional account

 In professional accounts you have to pay $39.99 per month and don’t charge per item and if you are not able to pay $39.99 per then you can choose the second option which you will have to pay per item to amazon.

2.Create business plan

For selling on amazon you will have to choose a product which is very important to start with beginner confuse to choose a product it is up to you and your budget you should see your budget and which product is comfortable for you and you should find out which thing is going on trends there are lots of things you need to know you research market and check trends. If you are starting to sell on amazon so you need to sell trending products you can choose any product

3.Register an Amazon Account

Once you will make the whole strategy about your product and GST certificate Then you need to register on amazon then you will have to go amazon website once you will go website then you will have to fill in all necessary things your full name and pick the address GST certificate number Mobile no And e-mail which email you will get notification about order and other notification and you should have remembered password and username 

Bank Account information You will have to fill out bank account information carefully which bank you will get sales money from amazon.

4. How to do listing on amazon

For doing listing on amazon you need something which is very important for doing listing.

1) Images:- Product image matters. Your product should be attractive and clear. If your product will not show clear and attractive then your sales will not increase. That’s why clear images are vital if your image will show clear and attractive when the customer will come, chances will increase to sell your product so you need to shoot images.

2)Now go to amazon seller dashboard and click add product choose your product category and download the excel sheet. When you open the excel sheet then you will fill in all things related to your product like SKU ID you need to make an SKU id because amazon doesn’t tell about the product if you are selling cloth in this situation amazon will not tell the size and color to know size and color we make SKU id according to a product that’s why we need SKU id as well we need to fill another thing as well in excel sheet after fill all required place we will have to upload excel sheet on amazon.

5 Improve Amazon SEO

If you are a new seller amazon SEO is very important if you want to increase your sale you need to improve SEO it depends on a keyword when you will fill the keyword column so you should think about keywords you should search keyword which keyword is growing more according to your product keyword is too much important if you will fill right keyword and trending keyword so your sell  will grow very soon.

6 your price competitively

When you will start to sell on amazon you should see the prices of sellers who sellers are selling much product you should put your price cheap from the best sellers because when you will start a business you will call new sellers when you will grow so you will call the best seller as well in starting you need put price cheap because anyone can believe on best seller easily but the customer will not believe easily on your product because your new seller customer will see a benefit if you will sell the same product in cheap price so customer will buy your product from otherwise in the same price they will prefer to buy the product from the best seller.

7 Advertisement

An advertisement which is playing a very important role on amazon because when will you set an advertisement on amazon so your sale will increase automatically but this is paying it depends on your budget if you have a budget to set an advertisement then you can try it due to advertising your product will grow for selling product on amazon very important thing is rating and review if your product has reviewed so customer will come and see your review if your review will good chance will increase to sell that’s why the rating is important for getting a rating and review you will have to set advertisement.

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Manage inventory

Amazon sellers have to pay attention to inventory. Sellers have to manage inventory stock if any product ends up in stock so you should do out-of-stock randomly because then orders will come according to your inventory. That’s why managing inventory is so important.

Bullets point

Bullets points are vital to telling your product feature to the shopper when a shopper will come read your bullet point if your product is meant for shopper then he will buy otherwise they will ahead shopper will not buy that product that’s why bullets point too much important amazon give 5 columns to fill bullets point seller should fill all bullets point very carefully and relevant point.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon gives you an opportunity for affiliate marketing you can make affiliate marketer if you wanna make an affiliate marketer you will have to register on amazon as an affiliate marketer with an affiliate you can increase the sale of your product because you can generate links and you can share that link difference place like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter all social media platform it’s a very good thing to increase sale.


By amazon you can earn money by dropshipping it is not mandatory for you that you need a GST certificate you can earn money on amazon by dropshipping by this you can earn so much money as you can share products with different people if anyone will buy products so can sale that product on your price you can save the commission by dropshipping.

Final thought

It is very tough thing to start your own business But i have explained you about amazon sell you can sale your product on amazon if you will confuse anywhere you can ask me by comment thank you for reading article.