How to use twitter

April 28, 2022 313 By parvez

How to Use Twitter

Hey guys today we will talk about the very strong social media platform twitter .Which is very good for promoting business .Do you know who was the owner of twitter jack dorsey was the owner of twitter but recently elon musk has bought twitter .Now we will talk about how to use twitter If you want to know how to use twitter so you have come to the right place now i will tell you how to use twitter please read the complete article.

Twitter for Business: A Practical Guide

Learn how to twitter to successfully promote your business and build an engaged community.

Twitter launch in 2006 twitter boasted 187 million monetizable active users.Twitter can be great promotional tool for your business.You can increase your business by twitter you know in twitter all audience active on twitter that’s why it is a magnificent tool for business on the if i talk about other thing so you can follow any politician on twitter and actors all people keep on active on twitter you can tweet your thought on twitter and many people read your tweet and they will reply you. 

Now we will talk about how to make an account on twitter.

Step 1: Set Up Your Profile

First of all you will go to playstore and install twitter then you will have to choose profile name which is very important people will recognise you by that name so you should choose good name for your profile But you should take short name because character is counted by twitter so you will have limited character so you should take short name your name will look like this @rocy or @many .They will able to find you.

Upload Images. Twitter gives you two spaces to make an impact cover photo which will complete your profile. It is being seen that people don’t use their real photo, they set other things which is not a good thing because your audience will not believe you if you will set your cover photo on your profile so anyone will believe you .

Select a Color Palette.This is not difficult to choose a color palette. It’s very simple to choose a color palette. Just click on edit profile then click on the theme color button on the left side now you may choose color for your profile.

Complete Your Bio.This is the area of your bio in this area you will have to fill about yourself You will get only 160 characters that’s why fill all things by carefully And fill interested details about you You will have to fill your location and your birthday and some about your education.

Add Your Website.Twitter gives you a magnificent opportunity to add your website so don’t miss this spot because if you want to promote your business twitter will promote your business.If you don’t have a website, create a stunning website. Because everyone will know about your business.

Step 2: Follow Some People

This is very important.You should follow some people you can learn a lot from by following other accounts (We are not talking about celebs here).Some accounts will follow back you as well.

# Hashtags

This is symbol of pound It is very important part of twitter when you will click on hashtags you will see all tweet That same keyword.

🔁 if i talk about retweet in simple language like reply when you will share your content you will see other people will retweet on  your tweet.